Friday 1 January 2016

Some facts of Israel

Do you know?

  • ·         There was no country with the name of Israel before 1948

  • ·         The land where Israel is created in 1948 is an Arab land belonging to Palestinians

  • ·         At the time of creation, 95% of the Israelites were migrated from across the globe; especially from Europe

  • ·         The idea of creation of Israel on Palestinian lands is approved by British under Balfour Declaration stating the British support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1917; much before creation of Israel

  • ·         Israel is enemy of all; Shias, Sunnis, Christians, Hindus, etc.

  • ·         Israel is friend of only those who bow down against its evil wishes

Is Israel enemy of only Sunni Muslims?
·         Myth:
o   Some people say that Palestinians are Sunni Muslims on whom Israel is doing oppression and therefore Israel is enemy of only Sunni Muslims. Others need not to do anything against Israel
·         Facts: Israel is equal enemy of all human being. Few examples stating enmity of Israel with Shia Muslims.
o   Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Israel was best friend of Shah of Iran with oil trade between Iran & Israel running in billions. During Islamic Revolution; Israel in association with United States of America, played a key role in harming the revolutionary values and figures. Imam Khomeini identified America & Israel as evil alliance and from that day, as per Israel, Islamic Republic of Iran is biggest threat for them
o   After the 1967 Arab Israel war; Israel invaded Shia dominated southern Lebanon and kept it under its control till Shia forces of Hezbollah thrown it out in 2000
o   In Israel Hezbollah war of 2006, Israel pounded Shia dominated Southern Lebanon with tons of weapons killing at least 1500 people including kids & women
o   Nigeria Shia massacre of Sheikh Zakzaky is influenced by Israel; because Sheikh Zakzaky was making Nigerian aware about how Israel is stealing the natural resources of Nigeria through diplomatic & commercial channels
o   Evil forces of ISIS is mainly funded and created by America & Israel through their local allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait & Turkey. Israeli intelligence agency is deeply involved in training and recruitment of ISIS manpower
o   Attack on Israeli embassy car and arrest of Syed Ahmed Kazmi in New Delhi is heavily influenced by Israel to ruin the growing ties between India and Islamic Republic of Iran
How is Israel involved in wars & bloodshed in Middle East?
·         Palestine:
o   There is no more Palestine today. It’s only small section of sieged Gaza Strip and invaded West Bank.
o   Almost daily attacks on Gaza & West Bank is to suppress all the freedom fighters in occupied territories
·         Lebanon:
o   The Northern neighbor of Israel is most affected by the Israeli invasion of its territories
o   The freedom movement of Hezbollah is protecting its borders from Israel forces
o   Israel occupied Lebanon from 1967 till 2000 killing and torturing scores of inhabitants there.
o   In 2006 war on Lebanon, Israel killed more than 1500 citizens
·         Egypt:
o   After 1967 Arab Israel war, Israel invaded Sinai region of Egypt till Suez Canal and kept it under control for more than three years
o   Israel forced Egypt to sign Camp David agreement to free its land under the pretext of recognition of Israel
·         Katif, Saudi Arabia:

o   Region of Hejaz is allotted to Saud dynasty by the British government after the first World War
o   Since its inception, Saudi Arabia has not raised any major concern over the killings of Arabs in occupied Palestinian lands
o   Saudi Arabia has not provided any support to the resistance movements of Palestine
o   Rulers of Saudi Arabia enjoys complete support from West & Israel for their loyalty towards their orders
o   Suppression of Sheikh Nimr and other activist in Katif region of kingdom is on the pretext of protection of Saudi rule and control of pro West powers on Mecca & Medina
·         Bahrain:
o   Bahrain was  protectorate of the United Kingdom and declared its independence in 1971
o   Even though its population is 80% Shia; British deployed Pro-West Sunni Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa as its ruler
o   King of Bahrain is western puppet and never take stand against Israel
o   King is suppressing the revolution movement in Bahrain since 2011 and killed scores of activists, including Shias, Sunnis & others
·         Iraq:
o   America supported the former ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussain to fight a war against newly formed Islamic Republic of iran
o   War lasted for 8 long years resulting in more than million dead
o   Sectarian nature of Saddam Hussain harmed majority of Shia population in Iraq
o   Saddam has not only harmed Iraqi Shias but also killed hundreds of thousands of Sunni Kurds using chemical weapons
o   After the fall of Saddam in 2004, Iraq got engulfed in civil war and recently attacked by ISIS
o   Israel is making huge money by trading oil from Kurdistan and ISIS occupied territories
o   Israel supports the ISIS movement by treating its men in Israeli hospitals in occupied Golan height, providing trainings, funds, etc
·         Syria:
o   Staunch enemy of Israel has harmed Syria badly
o   Israel occupied Golan Heights of Syria in 1967 war and still occupies the same
o   Assad, the ruler of Syria, denied any kind of treaty or bowing down in front of Israel and constantly supports the resistance movements in Lebanon & Palestine
o   America, Israel & its regional allies supported the rebels with weapons and funds to rise against Assad
o   West also promoted hardcore ideology of ISIS and helped them to get manpower from across the globe via Turkey
o   Today, Syria is engulfed in heavy war and is a battle ground between pro & anti resistance forces
·         Islamic Republic of Iran:
o   Israel considers Islamic Republic as its number one enemy
o   From the day of creation of Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, Israel is opposing it and forced America and its allies to impose sanctions on Iran
o   Iran supports the liberation of occupied lands of Palestine and solving the Israel Palestine issue with the will of people of the land
o   Therefore, Iran supports Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance movements
o   Israel is opposed to the ongoing diplomatic discussions between world powers & Iran, because it fear that through this discussion, Iran might get power to annihilate Israel

Is Israel harmful for common man in India today (including myself)?
·         Drugs business:
o   Main revenue source of Israel is through business of drugs. Today, the drugs business in India is heavily controlled by Israelis. Drug market of Goa is taken over from Russian mafias by Israelis. They control our youth through drugs and other evil habits
·         Communal & sectarian intolerance:
o   Israel & West control any country through “Divide & Rule Policy”. For the same reason, Israel provide all kinds of required support to communal & sectarian factions. Recent findings shows that Hindutva are heavily supported by Israel. Similarly, the sectarian divide amongst Muslims is influenced by Saudi Supported Sunni Wahabi scholars & America / Britain supported Shia scholars (Names not disclosed)
·         Target killings:
o   Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) is deeply involved in assassination of those elements who are working against the benefits of Israel / capitalism. The agencies has assassinated many high ranking officers like Hemant Karkare & team, RTI activist, etc.
·         Influencing Government to create ties
o   Today, India is number one buyer of Israeli weapons which results in bitter relations of India with its neighbors
o   Suppressing the freedom loving activists and those who rose their voice against corruption, intolerance & injustice
o   Relation with Israel directly means supporting the concept of racism. Under this pretext, Israel supports Hindutva factions in India to suppress Muslims and other minorities

What can we do?

  • ·         First Identify Israel as a real enemy of all freedom loving people
  • ·         Make sure we don’t fall prey to what they want; For example, communal / sectarian divide
  • ·         Always be active against any kind of corruption / injustice
  • ·         Biggest weapon of Israel & West today is “Divide & Rule Policy”, therefore they will try to infatuate us by superiority complex of best creation and others as worst. This is what Israel themselves believes. They believe that all the creation, including other human beings are created to serve Jews and they are the real owner of the world and heaven.
  • ·         Learn the Seerat of Holy Ahlulbait (a) and live our life accordingly

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