Saturday 7 November 2015

Speech of Syed Hasan Nasrallah - 6 Nov 2015

The new Palestinian Intifada surprised and frightened the Zionist entity.

The innovative methods used by the Palestinians to carry out martyrdom operation reflect their awareness, not despair.

Israel is the frontline of the colonial scheme that targets the entire Ummah.

The Palestinians have always been confronting the Zionist entity on the behalf of all the Arabs.

Attributing the Islamic & Arab refrain from supporting the Palestinians 2the current disturbances in several countries is untrue

A number of Arab countries have provided the terrorists in Syria,Iraq,Yemen,Libya with weaponry, bt they've not supported Palestine.

Instead of provoking hostility against the Zionists, some governments have instigated feud against the Palestinians

Stirring the seditions among the Muslims & the Christians or among the Sunnis & the Shias has contributed to weakening

We call on all the Muslims and Arabs to support the Palestinian Intifada in order to protect at least the religious sanctities.

Speech ended.

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